As with most people, I am very active. My interests include Real Estate, Cooking, Community, Boating & Health and I am very passionate about each one.

As a Real Estate Broker in Ohio and Florida and having sold real estate for the last 20 years, I can say that I truly love what I do! I understand that when a person buys a home, the home needs to fit into their lifestyle. It is not just a home I am selling. This helps me connect with my buyers which contributes to my success. It’s easy to be successful when you like what you do!

I like sharing my experience and knowledge and therefore managing was a natural addition for me. I continue to stay current on the real estate laws, procedures and trends which helps me provide value to my office.

One of the ways I get out into the community is by belonging to a professional networking group. I belong to Power Hour LLC because it differs from traditional networking groups by providing brainstorming topics and speakers from the community. I think it is important to network face-to-face in addition to using the various online tools. The ideas I walk away with after each meeting makes the group invaluable! I am currently the Chapter President of the Concord Chapter.

I am also a social member at Quail Hollow Country Club and a member of Hidden Harbor Marina. These associations help me connect with some great people in our community.

The best way I connect with the community though is by giving back. I believe in supporting local charities and Project Hope for the Homeless is one that is dear to my heart.

As far as health, I believe in a regular workout routine and in eating healthy most of the time! I need a good run to wake me up and clear my mind.

I also enjoy cooking and a great bottle of wine! Please share your favorite recipes with me! People that love to cook or eat great food are my kind of people!

phone: 440-346-2031