Whether selling a rental property or finding a new tenant, it is crucial to remember what is important to a tenant when advertising the property. Many advertisements fail to keep a tenant in mind but the features that are desired by a tenant should be important to a seller or landlord as well since it will help sell or rent the property quicker. So highlight the features tenants want!


Tenants prefer a garage or off street parking. Assigned parking spots are an advantage as well as guest parking so be sure to address all of the parking parameters in your advertisements. A great example would be “off-street and assigned parking!”


The laundry arrangement is probably the most important feature to a tenant yet most rental ads leave this detail out. Let prospective tenants know if the property includes a washer and dryer in the unit, has a space for laundry in the unit or if the property offers a shared laundry area. You will be sure to get more calls if your ad includes this info!


Storage is important to tenants so be sure to address this benefit. Is there a basement? Does the tenant have access to it? Perhaps the unit has oversized closets or a remote storage area. Include this tidbit in your ads, too.

Separate Entrances

This should be mentioned if the rental is a multi-unit property. Tenants would prefer to have their own entry directly into their unit rather than a common entrance shared by other tenants. So if your rental offers separate entrances, be sure to list it in your ad.


The type of lease is good information to include as well such as annual leases or monthly leases. This is especially important when selling a property. Most tenants will expect to sign a year’s lease. As for a buyer though, it would be beneficial to know that a property is fully occupied and all tenants are on yearly leases.

Keeping features in mind that are important to tenants will help you sell or lease a rental property easily!

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